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  • Marc Harris & Jeff Lopez
    Thu, Mar 23
    Marc Harris and Jeff Lopez performed together for the first time opening for the Roots with Taylor Hicks. In no time they began doing shows as a duo and their Jazzy Blues sound flowed intuitively. Since then they have done shows around the south including appearances at the Seaside Red Wine festival
  • April Fooled at The Marble Ring
    Sat, Apr 01
    Looking for the perfect spot to enjoy delicious cocktails while being insulted, or placed in uncomfortable situations? Then the Marble Ring is the place to be for April Fools Day. Great cocktails and terrible service - not for the sensitive. (One night only!)
  • Top Shelf Burlesque @ The Marble Ring
    Wed, Apr 12
    Would you like some classic burlesque to go with your old fashioned? No need to worry! The ladies of Top Shelf Burlesque have what you need to complete your Marble Ring experience on Wednesday, April 12th!
  • Swing Theory Trio at the Marble Ring
    Thu, Apr 27
    Join us for a fun night of entertainment with Swing Theory Trio! Entertaining audiences for a decade, Swing Theory Trio brings their special instrumental blend of traditional jazz, smooth jazz, and soft rock.
  • G.W. Henderson at The Marble Ring
    Wed, May 10
    The warm baritone of GW Henderson is like listening to a 1940’s tube radio. It dances atop his guitar, spinning and swaying the listener into absolute mesmerism.
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